Privacy Policy

Why do we use it?

Our main objective is to ensure the safe return of our loved ones to their guardians, wether they were small children, who always seem to have the unlimited potential to explore and wander aimlessly away from their guardians’ supervision, or elderly people, who may have some difficulty simply remembering their way back home, or even pets, with their high tendency of getting lost and being unable to ask for directions back home.

Scan me home provides a simple wearable wristband, specifically tailored to suit its holder, as well as fancy collars for pets. Each wristband contains a unique QR code, which present information about its bearer when scanned, enabling people to know sufficient information needed to ensure the safe return of the person wearing the band, if by any chance they happen to be misplaced under any circumstance.

The beauty of this wristband is that it is easy to wear, easy to use, hassle-free, and customizable to suit all tastes and obligations that may be set by any customers, which also guarantees the necessary level of confidentiality of the data of the bearer.

Where can I get some?

All you have to do to purchase the Scan Me Home products is to place and order through the website. At this moment, this is our only distribution platform, however we shall be soon integrating our services in numerous selling areas, such as shopping areas and stores. Upon placing an order, our products shall be delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

Payment is done upon delivery, and satisfaction of our products is guaranteed.

Who we share your data with

Absolutely no one! The only ones who get to see your information are those who are able to scan your QR code on either your wristband or on your pet’s tag. Moreover, the only visible information to them is the information that you want others to see. There is no obligation what-so-ever in sharing certain fields of data.

Needless to mention, the more information you add regarding your dependents, the easier it is for those who find them to be able to return them to you safely, in a seamless manner.